Cahan Consulting is an ever-expanding provider of computer information systems.

We will design and implement computer systems to fit your line of business as well as maintain and keep your network running strong.

With our technical expertise, we can perform custom installations and cabling, build computers that fit your needs and train you on use of software.

Slow computer making you crazy?
Looking to add more memory or bigger hard drive?

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Whether you're a big corporation, or a single home user, Cahan Consulting can help you with your computer needs.  We currently serveing the Greater Los Angeles area and are planning to open  other locations worldwide!

If you are a home pc user, you can be sure you will quickly receive the best service. And if you're looking to install DSL or Cable service, we can assist you in finding the best deal around. We also provide solutions for small home networks.

Dell Power Edge,
Have a Dell Power edge server installed
in your business by us and get a huge discount on maintenance.
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Dell Data Center Server,
Need a server that can handle a heavy workload, look no further, we can setup your Data Center with redundant arrays for a fraction what our competitors charge.

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 2.4 Ghz P4
 512 mb DDR
 Linux or NT
 Norton Antivirus
 Office 2003
 Price: $619.99

 3.0 Ghz
 512 mb DDR
 Office 2003
 Price: $719.99

 3.6 Ghz Dual Core P4
 1 Ghz Memory
 Norton Antivirus
 1 year warranty
 Price: $919.99

                          Our systems feature quality Intel processors.

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